Consultation Services

Expert PC Consultation Services at Blue Thumb PC

Get personalized advice and solutions from our experienced technicians.

At Blue Thumb PC, we understand that every computer issue is unique. Our consultation services are designed to provide you with tailored advice and solutions to meet your specific needs. Whether you need help with computer repairs, upgrades, data recovery, or cybersecurity, our experts are here to assist you.

100% of Tips for On-Site or In-House Services Go Directly to Our Technicians.

Due to health and safety concerns, we are unable to accept PCs or laptops that show evidence of roach infestation!

Our Consultation Services

We provide onsite expert computer repair services, including laptop and Mac* screen repair, custom PC building, data recovery, and standard computer repairs and hardware upgrades. Whether onsite, remote, or at your home or business, we handle it all.

  • Mac Screen Replacement starting at $175*
  • Data Recovery starting starting at $150
  • PC & Gaming Set-up Building starting at $125
  • ┬áComputer/Tablet Set up Starting at $60
I.T. Services
Digital Security Services

From Cyber Security to Internet Security or Remote Patching and Management, or a website or web or mobile application, we do it all. Whether you come to our shop in Plant City or you need remote support, we can help.

  • Remote Support starting at $65
  • Software Support $125.00 Per Hour
  • Webhosting: Prices May Vary.
  • WiFi Troubleshooting or setup $125┬

With over 35 years of enterprise IT experience, our team has optimized technology for the nation’s largest banking and insurance institutions, ensuring top-tier Business Continuity and efficiency. We specialize in Business Security and Services, offering tailored consultations to enhance your technology infrastructure and safeguard your operations.

Business Services
Managed Service Plans

Modern IT demands can overwhelm even the most capable teams. Whether it’s expertise gaps, capacity complaints, or the absence of an in house team, we offer comprehensive solutions to augment your IT capabilities. From Targeting support to full-service management, we’re here to ensure your technology meets the demands of your business.

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