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Andre is a US Army veteran with 42 years of Information Technology and bought his first computer in 1978. 

His passion for technology led him into the financial technology sector, where he served in senior management roles for banks and other financial institutions for over 30 years. It was during this time that Andre met Allen Berrebbi, and they formed a friendship that has lasted for over 22 years. 

When Allen found out that Jessie was selling Blue Thumb, he immediately thought of Andre. It was a perfect fit and Andre was taken by Jessie's desire to find the exact right person to take over the business. After meeting with Jessie, Andre felt this was the perfect place for him and Jessie agreed to sell the business. 

"In the military, mission defines us. It is my goal to become a very productive business owner and contribute to the Plant City community and continue the legacy that Jessie and Randon built, which is a culture of caring and service excellence in the Plant City Community. Andre & Cheryl, his wife who will handle the finance and bookkeeping look forward to serving the people of Plant City and Hope We can earn your business and the respect of the community. 

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